Manitoba Coach Nets National Indigenous Coaching Award

Tyndall Fontaine, an accomplished lacrosse coach hailing from Fort Alexander, Manitoba, has achieved international recognition for his dedication to personal growth and development. His unwavering commitment has propelled him to coach at the prestigious North American Indigenous Games and assume various roles in both Indigenous and mainstream lacrosse associations.

Notably, Tyndall served as the Assistant Coach for Team Poland in the World Junior Lacrosse Championships in 2022. Beyond his impressive coaching accomplishments, Tyndall aspires to be a positive influence in the community and with his athletes, emphasizing support and guidance regardless of their level of play.

Tyndall's remarkable coaching journey also earned him well-deserved recognition as a National Indigenous Coaching Awards Recipient by the Aboriginal Sport Circle. This prestigious accolade further underscores Tyndall's excellence in coaching and his significant contributions to the Indigenous sports community. His commitment to personal growth and development, combined with his diverse coaching experiences, showcases Tyndall as a role model not only for his athletes but for coaches nationwide. Whether coaching at the international level or receiving accolades for his impactful work in Indigenous sports associations, Tyndall consistently exemplifies a positive influence, leaving a lasting impression on the community and the athletes he mentors.


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