The Manitoba Métis Federation and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs recognized a void in the coordination, development, and implementation of a sound sport and recreation system in Manitoba that addressed and met the needs of the Indigenous communities in the Province.

Community leaders saw the need to help our Indigenous people to develop their body, mind and spirit to their full capacity for overall wellness. They believed that the many sport events, recreational and cultural activities at the local, regional, national and international levels required cooperation and leadership. They had in mind sport competition, recreation activities, and traditional Indigenous cultural practices. This type of leadership and encouragement was, and still is, believed to help our youth follow their dreams and continue living this holistic lifestyle throughout their lives.

The founders realized that the coordination of a team of individuals, Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, government partners, sponsors, volunteers, and participants was a major requirement in an effort to overcome the challenges and remove barriers to ensure full participation at any level and in any capacity.

In 1988, the Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council (MASRC) was established and incorporated in 1994.

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