Sport for Social Development

Sport for Social Development

This is one of our biggest programs! It is a province-wide mentorship program and an urban wellness program. It aims to use sport to combat health issues, crime rates, education interests and employment training opportunities.

  1. Mentorship Program: Do you have community recreation leaders that need training? Are your leaders tired of always having to leave the community to be trained with information that doesn't help in community? That is EXACTLY why we created this program!

We have hired three mentors in sport and recreation facilitation, that are trained and equipped to support your leaders' goals for themselves and the community. The mentorship is simple and adaptable; it consists of:

  • 1-year commitment
  • At least 3 visits to your community to have meetings, run programs and training/certification
  • Ongoing long distance support through relationships to plan programs, lessons and events
  • Sports equipment
  • Specific training and programs will be chosen by the community. We are here to support your ideas!

Interested? Click the link below to request more information about how to get the Mentorship Program in your community.

To apply to have this program in your community, click here:

*A letter of support from Chief and council or Municipal governance is needed for this program

  1. Urban Wellness Program: We want to create and join safe spaces in the city of Winnipeg for the Indigenous population to have sport and recreation options.

Interested? Click the link below for any requests, or if you want to be a part of this space!

To apply for more information or for your organization to meet with us, click here:

All programs will be dependent on COVID-19 guidelines and health regulations.

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