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Tom Longboat Awards

MASRC's Manitoba Indigenous Sports Decade Awards

Winners for the 2021 Aboriginal Annual Awards

Winners for the 2021 Aboriginal Annual Awards

Aboriginal Athlete Award- Jocelyn Larocque & the Pine Creek Warriors 3X3 18U Basketball Team

Aboriginal Coach Award- Jill Fast & Kyle Prystupa

Aboriginal Volunteer Award- Jennifer Chartrand & Kendall Robinson

Tom Longboat Awards

The annual Tom Longboat Award nominations are now open! It remains the longest standing and one of the most prestigious awards for Indigenous athletes in the country.

As a program of the Aboriginal Sport Circle, the Tom Longboat Awards provide a forum for acknowledging the growth and strength of the Indigenous sport movement in Canada and its tremendous impact on sport development from community level participation to elite level competition. This prestigious award is presented to one male and one female Indigenous athlete.

Nominations for the 2021-2022 year are now closed. Winners will be announced by December 2022.

MASRC's Manitoba Indigenous Sports Decade Awards

Each year the MASRC honours athletes, coaches, and volunteers who demonstrate great determination, leadership, and giving back to their community.

This year our annual awards will be celebrating a decade! With the cancellation of most sports this year due to Covid, it's an opportunity to celebrate a career award rather than a season award.

The award recipients are chosen by following a strict set of guidelines and are selected through the Award/Scholarship Selection Committee.

Nominate an athlete, coach or volunteer that has had a successful showing or impact on the provincial, national, or international stage. Submit your nomination by completing a form that can be found below.

Here are our winners!

Manitoba Indigenous Female Athlete of the Decade - Jocelyne Larocque (top-middle)

Manitoba Indigenous Male Athlete of the Decade - Zach Whitecloud (bottom-middle)

Manitoba Indigenous Female Coach of the Decade - Jayme Menzies (bottom-right

Manitoba Indigenous Male Coach of the Decade - Dale Bear (top-right)

Manitoba Indigenous Female Volunteer of the Decade - Jacinta Bear (bottom-left)

Manitoba Indigenous Male Volunteer of the Decade - Faron Asham (top-left)

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