Caitlyn Hollywood: Triumph Through Talent and Tenacity

We are delighted to spotlight Caitlyn Hollywood, the MASRC Indigenous Athlete of the Month for November. Hailing from St. Mary's Academy, Caitlyn, a grade 12 Red River Metis student, has woven a remarkable tale of triumph, resilience, and unwavering dedication, all centered around her passion for soccer.

Caitlyn is not merely an athlete on the field; she epitomizes the term "student-athlete." Juggling academics, work commitments (3 to 4 days a week), and rigorous soccer training (six times a week), Caitlyn maintains an impressive GPA, illustrating her unparalleled work ethic and perseverance. The inclusion of strength and conditioning routines (3 to 4 times per week) further underscores her commitment to both physical fitness and excellence in her chosen sport.

In addition to her on-field achievements, Caitlyn is deeply involved in grassroots soccer and mentorship. Her passion for teaching soccer to youth is exemplified by her commitment to coaching and mentoring a young female player who initially hesitated to participate due to shyness and intimidation. Caitlyn's dedication extends beyond the game itself, focusing on instilling confidence and empowerment. When asked about her unwavering commitment, Caitlyn highlighted her ability to recognize the passion in the eyes of the youth, expressing her belief in nurturing struggling female athletes into strong, independent individuals.

Caitlyn's 2023 proved to be exceptional, marked by triumphs in both indoor and outdoor high school soccer. Despite switching schools, she seamlessly integrated into St. Mary's Academy, finishing the indoor season as the league's third top goal scorer, a mere three goals behind the leader.

Selected for the North American Indigenous Games, Caitlyn emerged as a beacon of leadership as the team captain of the U19 women's soccer team. Tying for the top goal scorer and recording the most assists, Caitlyn's contributions played a pivotal role in her team's resounding success.

In the Manitoba Soccer Association Cup, Caitlyn's decisive goal propelled her team to victory, securing a spot in the finals where they triumphed over the undefeated U15 National Champions. This triumph led to her representing Manitoba in Moncton, New Brunswick, where she notched her first national goal.

September brought another milestone for Caitlyn when she received an offer to play soccer at the University of Regina Cougars, marking a significant stride in her athletic journey.

Caitlyn Hollywood's story is not just one of athletic accomplishment but also a testament to resilience, dedication, and community support. As our Indigenous Athlete of the Month, she serves as an inspiration, proving that passion and skill, when coupled with unwavering community backing, can transform challenges into triumphs. We celebrate Caitlyn's remarkable achievements and eagerly anticipate the promising chapters awaiting her at the University of Regina.

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