NEW! Muay Tigers Kid's Muay Thai Program

April 25, 2024

To register, contact SSD Program Leader Tia Murdock at:


May be an image of %u200E2 people, people performing martial arts, poster, punching bag and %u200Etext that says '%u200EDAUE'S FYM COMBATARTS COMBAT ARTS %u5317%u5730%u5316%u81EA%u601D ABo%u0438%u0438c%u0438R 5 %u5802 %u0627%u0648%u064A%u0646 %u0E2A%u0E48%u0E2D%u0E23%u0E32%u0E25%u0E32%u0E19%u0E2A%u0E38%u0E19%u0E19 FECRFARAN A TIGERS PROGRAM EVERY THURSDAY STARTING APRIL 11, 2024 Time: 5:00M-6:00 JOIN US FOR MUAY THAI FOR KIDS! KIDS WILL LEARN THE BASIC FUNDAMENTAI SKILLS OF MUAY THAI SUCH AS STANCE, FOOT WORK, AND STRIKES, REWARDING EACH OF OUR YOUNG PARTICIPANTS WITH A BOOST IN CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM. BOYS & GIRLS AGES: 4-13 YEARS LOCATION: DAVES GYM, 850 ERIN ST WINNIPEG COT TIA MURDOCK to REGISTER! 1 (204) 942-6615 Funded sCanadã e otCanad tr menE the Gove ad o%u043Braae Canada%u200E'%u200E%u200E

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