Sport Leadership

The Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council was very fortunate to become the financial benefactor of the 2002 North American Indigenous Games Legacy. A portion of the financial legacy will be allocated to the development of new coaches and officials in Manitoba and assisting others in reaching higher levels.

Along with the NAIG legacy funds, a number of other financial and administrative sources have come forward to assist with the entire Sport Leadership Development Program.

A partnership with Coaching Manitoba is key in delivering the goals and objectives of the Sport Leadership Program. Coaching Manitoba has recognized the need to increase the number of Aboriginal coaches in Manitoba. They are the vital link needed to bring the qualified and professional clinicians who instruct and guide the participants through the courses. They provide the necessary financial resources to bring this person to the community and also through various grants they are able to assist participants in obtaining their certification.

The Provincial and Federal governments, as part of the Canadian Sport Policy along with Sport Manitoba and MASRC, will create a plan to overcome identified barriers to increase physical activity within Aboriginal communities in Manitoba. The program will target several rural/remote and urban Aboriginal communities to increase sport and recreational participation. The Canada-Manitoba Bilateral Sport Development Program will supplement the NAIG legacy funds as coaching and official’s development is the program’s initial implementation stage.

The increased interest in the North American Indigenous Games and in particular Team Manitoba, has identified the need for more qualified and certified coaching staff to prepare our athletes for grassroots development, provincial competitions and beyond. NAIG and MIG (Manitoba Indigenous Games) coaching standards call for fully certified level 1 coaches. Manitoba will meet this requirement and endeavor to have coaches trained and certified to level 2 certification.

Officials are required throughout the province to regulate the various competitions that are coordinated to identify and select athletes. Coaching and Officials Development is a budgeted item for host MIG societies as a part of their legacy and goals.

The Aboriginal Sport Circle, the National Voice for Aboriginal Sport in Canada, has developed the Aboriginal Coaching Manual as part of their strategy of educating both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal coaches on the challenges faced by Aboriginal athletes. Through years of research, consultation and draft reviews the manual provides coaches with additional resources such as reading and workbook material specifically designed to assist identifying and addressing challenges in the areas of Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Racism.

Sport Leadership is being identified in the school system throughout the province as becoming a major part of their schools’ athletic programs. Through minor official and introductory coaching skill training for high school students, administrators are creating a program to meet their students’ needs and interests to further their skills and knowledge of sport. Further, a partnership will be created with the community sport program that will benefit the community as a whole.

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