This program originated from the realization of transportation barriers that Indigenous students face after they have moved from their home community to pursue their studies in the city of Winnipeg. Through discussions with Indigenous students, the MASRC found that they are limited to certain types of transportation and as a result lack a sense of freedom, comfort, and safety in the city of Winnipeg. This also contributes to isolation for the Indigenous students who are not used to living in a busy, fast-paced urban environment.

In order to improve autonomy, comfort and safety in the city of Winnipeg for these students, with the financial support from the Government of Canada, the MASRC has developed an urban bike program named Cycle Indigena Winnipeg. This program will offer bicycles along with accessories to 20 (+ 15!) Indigenous students in the 2019-2020 academic year. Having access to a bicycle will allow the Indigenous students to travel wherever and whenever they want. The MASRC believes that giving Indigenous students access to a mode of active transportation will not only improve physical health, but overall wellbeing.

What You Will Receive:

  1. Bicycle Package:
    1. Reconditioned SC-1800 MTN Bike (courtesy of The Wrench)
    2. Highest rated ABUS lock
    3. Multi-sport adjustable helmet
    4. Battery powered light set
    5. Hand pump

Please note that successful applicants are required to make necessary arrangements to pick up their bikes on scheduled pick up dates. After the participants have received the bicycle and accessories, the MASRC is not liable for any stolen property.

If you are an Indigenous student (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) who has moved to Winnipeg for your post-secondary studies, please submit an application by February 20, 2020 before 11:59 PM. 15 applicants will be accepted into the program.

How to Apply:

Click here to access the online application.

Click here to download the application form. Please fill out the form, save the document, and send a copy via email to or drop it off at the MASRC office located in room 105 of the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre at 145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB.


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