Manitoba Ties for Third at 2024 NAHC

At the 2024 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships in Grande Prairie, both male and female teams ended up sharing third place. This unexpected outcome wasn't due to their performance on the ice, but because of wildfire warnings in the city.

The tournament began with a lively opening ceremony, bringing together Indigenous cultures from across the nation. But as the games progressed, wildfire alerts disrupted the schedule, prioritizing everyone's safety.

Despite the challenges, the teams showed remarkable unity. Instead of focusing solely on the competition, they worked together to ensure everyone's well-being. This shared experience forged strong bonds between them, leading to a decision to cancel both of the bronze medals matches, ending with both teams being tied for third place in their respective competitions.

Beyond the games, the teams found strength in spending time together, sharing stories, and supporting one another. While the tournament's end was unexpected, the lasting lesson of unity and resilience in the face of adversity will be remembered far beyond the rinks.


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